Electric Power Tool Battery

Electric Power Tool Battery

Electric Power Tool Batteries Ø Tooled cases for the battery, total replacement to Ni-MH battery Ø Super light weight Ø Very safe, never get fired or exploded Ø Wide operation temperature range, -20℃~ +65 ℃ Ø Environment friendly, no lead, no mercury, no cadmium Ø Very convenient, plug and play...

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Electric Power Tool Batteries

Ø Tooled cases for the battery, total replacement to Ni-MH battery

Ø Super light weight

Ø Very safe, never get fired or exploded

Ø Wide operation temperature range, -20℃~+65

Ø Environment friendly, no lead, no mercury, no cadmium 

Ø Very convenient, plug and play


Product list: 

Makita 18V4.5Ah Battery Pack BL-1845

Makita 18V3Ah Battery Pack BL-1830

Makita 18V1.5Ah Battery Pack BL-1815

Makita 14.4V3Ah Battery Pack BL-1430

Makita 14.4V1.5Ah Battery Pack BL-1415

Makita 10.8V1.5Ah Battery Pack BL-1013

Makita 7.4V1.5Ah Battery Pack BL-7415

Bosch 14.4V3Ah Battery Pack for B0S-1430

Bosch 18V3Ah Battery Pack for Bosch B0S-1830(square)

Bosch 10.8V1.5Ah Battery Pack BOS-1080V Li-ion

Bosch 18V3Ah Battery Pack for BOS-1830(round)

Dewalt 14.4V3Ah Battery Pack DE-14.4C

Dewalt 18V3Ah Battery Pack DE-18C Li-ion

Hitachi 14.4V3Ah Battery Pack HIT-1430

Hitachi 18V3Ah Battery Pack HIT-1830

Milwaukee 18V3Ah Battery Pack MIL-18D

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