Cell phone lithium battery maintenance knowledge

- Jan 11, 2016-

We are now using smartphones are power consumption is very large, many users hub several times a day, but some experts wrote that the aging of the battery may cause battery, if you want to extend the battery life, power required as above 20%, and do not fill completely.

Some people used to charge a cell phone before going to bed, in order to obtain the next morning for 100% of power, but doing so is risky, since there are very few chargers are not available, automatically stops charging after the battery is fully functional, it is recommended that you stop charging when full, to prevent accidents. On the battery in the charger after the battery is full, can also cause the battery's maximum charge capacity declined slightly, accumulated will have a more significant impact.

Others think it should be after the battery runs out of charge, in fact, not afraid to charge lithium-ion batteries, fear not, because there is a lithium battery charging Manager, ensure the battery is properly charged, if the lithium battery is fully discharged, and shelved a long time can cause blackout charging Manager, lead battery is not charging. For a long time without battery, camera battery, suggest you the best guaranteed more than 40% of electricity, batteries lose about a month 5% to 10% power, in other words, the fastest 4-month, 8-month battery is depleted the slowest, we recharged before the battery runs out, in order to ensure its stable state.

Battery operating temperature has great relationships at 0 ℃, the maximum battery charge 6% per year, the loss increased with temperature, annual impairment at 25 ℃ 20%, 40 ℃ wreck 35%, cell phone, try to stay away from hot environments.

In addition, generally believed that the first time a new handset must be full of 12 hours or more to get started, in fact this is the nickel-metal hydride batteries used, at present, most mobile phones are using lithium-ion batteries, the battery doesn't need.

Mobile phone charging, make sure to stay away from the bed, couch, these combustible locations, before going to bed and do not charge charging to watch, about 95% you can cut off the power.

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