Electric lithium-ion battery offers many advantages

- Jan 11, 2016-

1, line capacity, due to the weight of the lithium-ion battery pack 30% for lead-acid batteries only, so at the same voltage, electrical capacity, the continued ability of lithium-ion batteries.

2, low-temperature discharge performance: lithium ion batteries at-25 degrees to work properly, its electrical capacity can reach the capacity of 70%, and lead-acid battery capacity 50% at-10 degrees, at-25 degrees without: works.

3, charge retention ability: a fully charged lithium-ion battery pack, place two months later, its electrical capacity greater than or equal to 80%, and lead-acid batteries placed two months only of nominal capacity 40%-50%.

4, long cycle life: lithium-ion battery to charge and discharge 1C rate, the cycle life equal to or greater than 500, No. 500 electric capacity, greater than nominal tongliang 70%. Even by 0.5 discharge lead-acid batteries, with 0.15C with charging, cycle life equal to or less than 350 times, capacity less than or equal to 60%.

5, high specific energy: due to the volume of the lithium-ion battery 30% for lead-acid batteries only, so when using the same space energy reserves of lithium-ion batteries larger than the lead-acid battery.

6, wide operating temperature range: lithium-ion battery in the range-25 degrees to 55 degrees, and lead-acid batteries can only work within the range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees.

7, shorter charging time: as the lithium-ion battery has the characteristics of high current charging, so only 4-5 hours charging time, while lead-acid batteries need 8-10 hours.

8, high discharge current does not affect the cycle life: to 1.5C rate under high current discharge for lithium ion battery, has no influence on its life cycle. Lead-acid batteries in the 1.5C rate of high current discharge. The cycle life of only nominal life cycle of 30%-40%.

9, can be high discharge current: lithium-ion battery in the 1C rate of large current discharge, the capacity of only nominal capacity 60%.

10, green high performance: with lead-acid batteries have a lot on the human body, compared to the environmentally harmful heavy metals lead, lithium-ion batteries is highly environment-friendly products.

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