Four factors affecting the lithium-ion battery life

- Jan 11, 2016-

① hot or cold environments

Temperature also has a greater effect on lithium battery life. Below freezing conditions are likely to make lithium-ion batteries in electronics opened the moment burned, while the overheated environment will reduce the battery capacity. Thus, if long-term use external power supply or the battery down, and the heat discharged battery in the laptop, will soon be scrapped.

II full power for a long time, no State

Too high or too low adversely affect the life of the lithium battery charge status. Most selling number identified on electrical or battery can be recharged, and are based on 80% discharge test. Experiments show that some laptop's lithium-ion batteries, often makes the battery voltage exceeds the standard 0.1 volts, which increased from 4.1 to 4.2 volts, the battery life will be halved, to rise 0.1 v, reduced life 1/3; more to charge the battery fully, the greater the loss of the battery. Long-term, low power or no power, the battery internal resistance is growing to the electronic mobile, thus leading to the battery capacity decreases. Middle of the lithium-ion battery is the best is in a low power state, in which case the longest battery life.

③ depth of discharge and recharge times

Left of data derived from experiments can know, number of charge and discharge depth, deeper battery discharge and charge fewer.

Rechargeable times * = total discharge depth completion of the charge cycle times, higher total number of charge cycles to complete, representing high battery life, you can discharge depth charge cycles * = actual battery life (ignoring other factors)

④ over charge, over discharge, as well as the charge and discharge current

Avoid overcharging the battery, lithium ion battery any form of overcharging will cause serious damage to the battery, or even explosion.

Avoid deep discharge below 2V or 2.5V, as it will permanently damage the lithium-ion battery quickly. Internal metal plating may occur, which can cause short circuits, the battery is not available or not safe.

Most lithium-ion batteries in the battery pack are electronic circuit, if the charging or discharge when battery voltage is lower than 2.5V, 4.3V or if the current exceeds a predefined threshold, the electronic circuit will disconnect the battery connections.

Avoid high charge and discharge currents, because putting too much pressure on high current to the battery.

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