Have to say the disadvantage of lithium-ion batteries

- Jan 11, 2016-

Our phones and laptops using lithium-ion batteries, is a modern high performance battery, it's convenient and durable, no memory, is recognized as the next-generation quality batteries. But this battery also has its drawbacks, examples are as follows:

1. does not have charge, charging, excessive embedded lithium-ion will be permanently affixed to a lattice and cannot be released, can lead to short battery life.

2. not been resistant, discharge, off block too much lithium-ion electrode can lead to collapse of lattice, thereby reducing life expectancy.

3. the age, different from other rechargeable batteries, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery will slowly decline, and attendance has nothing to do with temperature. Possible mechanisms are gradually increased the internal resistance, so, in the current electronic products more easily manifests. Replacement of graphite by lithium titanate seems to extend life.

4. recovery and about 1% of factory-new products for a variety of reasons to recycle.

Despite this shortcoming, lithium-ion battery is still the most popular form of commonly used batteries, lithium-ion battery manufacturers and research institutions are working to reduce the disadvantage of lithium-ion battery, to make it more perfect.

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