Lithium Battery Industry Consolidation Power Lithium Battery Material Localization

- Mar 03, 2016-

Under the influence of lithium battery production enterprises have integrated a few days ago, domestic manufacturers of lithium battery material is expected by industry consolidation, growth of domestic supply, change the import-dependent situation.

At present, the lithium industry the most important materials include: electrolytes, diaphragm and positive/negative material. According to the research report published recently by the China Merchants securities show, because the diaphragm is a capital-and technology-intensive industry, so excess low-end, high-end market remains heavily dependent on imports.

According to research reported that divide more than 30 enterprises in China, the design capacity of more than 800 million square meters in 2013, production was only 180 million square meters, so domestic diaphragm will rise, import prospects. "Divide the scale effects, certified and raw materials in strict, industry will be implemented in future to focus and diaphragm in high-end market Outlook remains bright. ”

In addition, a brokerage in Shanghai, analysts pointed out that expectations of future growth in demand for lithium battery, electrolyte made with price/performance advantages, shares will continue to improve.

These people said, domestic lithium battery electrolytes the main problem is the industry there were too many invalid capacity. According to the said, due to the lack of technology and customers, some "hot" technology does not pass into the electrolytic production of enterprises, some areas of domestic products but also cannot be applied to batteries, nor does received a large order from enterprises, at present survival is at stake. Domestic development of lithium battery material balance. Due to technical constraints, most of the enterprises were "reduced" for processing, high-end product demand is clear, 50~70% still needs imports.

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