Lithium battery industry in China will sustain growth of 30%

- Jan 11, 2016-

More and more wide application of lithium-ion batteries, and this new battery technology in battery industry in China is still very challenging, in particular lithium battery devices, industry insiders believe, lithium battery devices market competition from price competition to the past performance, technology, competition, Enterprise, new technology and differentiated equipment positioning equipment market differentiation will become a major trend.

Domestic equipment reflected on the advantages not only in terms of price/performance, after-sales service to be competitive. Lithium battery industry is still at the stage of market volatility factors, equipment should be even more careful management of enterprises, stable performance and quality of their products, a good grasp of rhythm.

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers and equipment factories around the technology, manufacturing, safety, manufacturing quality, manufacturing efficiency, enhance close cooperation will become the industry increase manufacturing competitiveness inevitable choice.

The industry believes that, driven by the development of battery technology innovation of equipment, with the innovation of equipment drives the development of battery industry, only then can closely cooperate with domestic battery industry essentially changed. Domestic equipment industry in the coming years will be the downstream market positive drive, maintain a stable compound annual growth rates of around 30%, and extrusion equipment market space.

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