Lithium battery market has great potential

- Jan 11, 2016-

In recent years, the application field of lithium-ion batteries include consumer electronics, batteries, storage batteries, the three areas. Consumer electronics are the mainstream market, and energy storage market is not mature technology. Now, future home of lithium battery. Due to its environmental characteristics, preferred for battery of electric bicycle, receive considerable support from the Government, and now all bans, began to ban "excessive." The lithium battery development and a pen.

Lithium-ion batteries for its use of the material without polluting metals, production of pollution-free and environment-friendly battery, and its energy, no memory effect, loop effects, and other advantages. Development to date has been widely used. Lithium can say is pregnant with an energy "revolution".

Lithium-ion batteries in the dynamic market of middle and small system (electric bike) will defeat the lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries replace lead-acid batteries speed depends on the speed of decline in the cost of lithium-ion batteries, most recently 10 is expected to complete the process. These market-sensitive technology, but cost.

After the electric bicycles, electric vehicles and energy storage will drive the demand for lithium's new round of blowout. For away from oil dependence, enhance environmental protection and other reasons, its support for electric vehicles in China will continue to increase, and power than consumer lithium batteries may only be minor. Battery lithium's rise really opens up the infinite imagination, lithium battery has now become the ideal products for electric vehicle applications.

Electric development key also to by technology improved of promoted, reduced cost, improve electric of security and the economic sex, currently special Republika pulled electric of performance breakthrough, has made good of effect, to industry brings has dawn, domestic several car company of electric also for Xia Government support and increased input efforts, Geely Emperor Howe EC7, and BYD of Qin these new has increasingly caused consumers of concern.

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