Lithium-ion batteries on aircraft limited

- Jan 11, 2016-

Plane as a high-speed tool, more and more people take, a lot of people know not bring lighters, knives and other items by plane, but you know like computers, mobile phones and other required lithium batteries carried on board there are a lot of restrictions?

According to regulations of the Civil Aviation Department to carry lithium batteries by air is subject to restriction. Consumer electronics containing lithium batteries for personal use equipment (such as watches, calculators, cameras, cellular phones, laptop computers, camcorders, etc) and the battery can be placed in luggage on the plane on their own, or entrust the unit staff to assist in handling.

But the number of spare batteries provided the civil aviation sector. For the lithium content is not more than 2G of lithium metal batteries and energy rating exceeding 100Wh, the number of spare batteries to meet the required criteria. Rated energy 100Wh to large lithium-ion battery 160Wh, approved by the airline, carry spare batteries per person no more than 2. Equipment contains lithium batteries in checked baggage or hand luggage, spare lithium batteries can only be placed in carry-on baggage.

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