Lithium-ion battery will completely replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries

- Jan 11, 2016-

In past years, digital electronic products universal, battery manufacturers are vigorously launched high capacity of nickel hydrogen charging battery, makes nickel hydrogen battery of technology by leaps and bounds, so currently new energy industry development quickly, this also to lithium battery industry with has major of development opportunities, with new energy industry of development, as core parts of lithium battery development quickly, nickel hydrogen battery market also gradually was lithium battery by instead of.

Lithium battery of advantage is no memory effect, weight more light, but also has shortcomings is cost high, current smaller not resistance had full filling, lithium battery also can is divided into once lithium battery and II times lithium battery, and II times lithium and points lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery, General digital camera using II times lithium and nickel hydrogen battery compared, weight more light, volume energy density than is high out 48%. Because of this, lithium-ion battery production and sales are more than nickel-metal hydride battery, the battery self discharge and no memory effect, charge and discharge times of up to more than 600 times, especially in recent years developed a lithium polymer battery.

The secondary lithium batteries except in addition to smaller, and not subject to the normal cylindrical or square shape battery limit, has an advantage is also lighter in weight, resistance of lithium-ion batteries do not have full charge, if accidentally there is danger of explosion, require built-in IC control to prevent full charge, but costs are improving a lot. Lithium-ion batteries because of the specification does not have a unified, so organic was halted not the battery situation. But now has improved a lot.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries, lower prices than the lithium batteries, its versatility, high current, environmental stability, the only drawback is the large, easy to carry and a shorter battery life, Ni-MH battery design comes from nickel-cadmium batteries, but improved on the nickel-cadmium battery memory effect, have made great progress. The main changes, to be replaced by hydrogen-storage alloy cathode using cadmium, nickel-metal hydride battery can be said to be typical of materials instead, pollution caused by nickel-metal hydride batteries will be much smaller than the nickel-cadmium batteries contain cadmium, therefore, at present, has gradually been replaced by nickel-metal hydride batteries nickel-cadmium batteries.

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