8minutenergy, Sunlink Pledge 5.4 GW Solar Power Development In India

- Jun 16, 2016-

Two more American companies have announced plans for expansion in the rapidly growing Indian solar power market.
Project developer 8minutenergy and equipment manufacturer Sunlink have announced plans to develop a total of 5.4 GW of solar power capacity in India. While 8minutenergy is expected to directly develop 4 GW of large-scale solar power projects in India, Sunlink will most likely partner with developers by supplying equipment such as mounting structures for 1.4 GW projects.
8minutenergy is already a leading project developer in California and entered the Indian solar power market in 2015. “With its complex project development environment, mandates for utility-scale growth, and auction award mechanisms, we see a lot of similarities between the highly-competitive California solar market and India’s,” said Martin Hermann, Founder and CEO, 8minutenergy.
The company has so far not announced where is plans to set up projects in India or if it is comfortable participating in project auctions that have become exceedingly competitive.
Sunlink, which manufactures roof mount, fixed-tilt ground mount, tracker racking systems and combiner boxes, is expected to partner with developers to set up projects. The company may also set up manufacturing facilities for mounting structures and support employment generation in India.
8minutenergy and Sunlink will follow the likes of First Solar and SunEdison which have taken leading positions in the Indian solar power market.
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