After 5 Years The Global Lithium-ion Battery Market Will Reach $ 16 Billion

- Dec 18, 2014-

According to CIC consultant released of 2008-2010 China new energy car industry analysis and the investment advisory report displayed, combined China of energy resources status and international car technology of development trend, is expected to to 2012, new energy car annual will reached 1 million car, and is expected to to 2025 years Hou, China General gasoline car accounted for passenger cars of keep volume will only accounted for 50% around, and advanced diesel car, and gas car, and biological fuel car, new energy car will rapid development.

CIC consultant car industry analyst Li Shengmao also is expected to, to 2012, new energy car of annual will reached 1 million car, by each car new energy car battery cost 70,000 yuan, power lithium battery of cathode phosphate iron lithium material 52 kg, negative material 41 kg, electrolytic liquid 40 kg calculation, 1 million car mixed power car will led 52,000 tons cathode material, 41,000 tons negative material, 40,000 tons electrolytic liquid of needs. For domestic battery manufacturers, this cake is a total output value of 70 billion yuan. If calculated on a bus, this value would also increase three times.

"Benefit from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, future power lithium-ion battery market will grow at high speed. 2010-2018 global lithium-ion battery market is expected compound annual growth rate as high as 54.2% and reach 16 billion dollars by 2018. "Ping an securities analysis report said.

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