Battery Free Is Possible With The Ene Pocket

- May 15, 2016-

Parents everywhere probably just sat up in their chairs reading that. Regardless of whether they are buying rechargeable batteries or getting Duracell batteries when they go on sale at Staples, batteries of any kind put a hurting on the wallet and to landfills. This is especially true around Christmas when toys demand that they load up. This could all change if the Ene Pocket meets with success. The Ene Pocket is a prototype toy car by Takara Tomy that runs on something kids absolutely love, sugar!Not only does it run on sugar, but it runs on a source of sugar that is probably getting washed down the drain every day by mothers. The source? Such wonderful little sugar loaded liquids like Sprite, Mountain Dew and Coke will make this car roar around the house. The most effective liquid of them all? Good old fashioned grape juice.
The new car is a double effort from the makers of the Ene Pocket Toy Car and Sony. Sony is trying to make the battery last longer and more powerful and the Ene Pocket Toy Car is the perfect vehicle for the testing. Anyone at the Toy Forum 2010 was lucky enough to have seen this vehicle rip around on nothing but soda pop and juice. It is a pretty exciting invention and one that has people everywhere buzzing about the future or battery operated toys.
If the improvement continue down the right path, it is unlikely that stores will be able to keep the toy car on the shelf. This is a great way for parents to not only supply the kids with a great looking toy, but to instill the facts about green energy into their heads a very young age. We all tend to carry traits with us our entire lives that we develop when we are young. Having a generation that thinks green energy is fun can only do the world some good.

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