China Lithium-ion Battery Development Policy And Technological Progress

- Jan 11, 2016-

In recent years thanks to the policies, domestic lithium battery and electric vehicle market surge in demand, capacity and sales have improved significantly. 2013 domestic lithium battery output of 32.8 billion yuan, is expected in 2014 to 39.5 billion yuan, annual production is expected to exceed 5.4 billion. Data analysis expected 2014 global electric vehicle production will increase by 67%, about 403,000 units. Our Government will vigorously promote electric vehicles, China electric vehicle market.

Lithium-ion battery technology is the Foundation of developing electric vehicles. To meet the needs of electric vehicle market, help start driver lithium-ion battery market, lithium-ion battery businesses have implemented technological changes, strong research and development of the diaphragm technology, battery technology.

Battery, key to the formation of the diaphragm, is the technical barriers to the highest added value material in lithium battery materials, divide property integrated battery can play a decisive role in membrane technology the key to the breakthrough is the lithium battery industry development project. But diaphragm enterprises only 6% per cent of the market, research and development and breakthrough of the diaphragm technology is a necessary step in promoting the development of lithium-ion battery market. Capacity breakthrough energy technologies development is the biggest problem, battery problem breakthrough will make electric cars in large conventional car market, the market more competitive. Inductive charging, lithium-air battery technology developed for dynamic comparative advantage of lithium battery market and electric vehicle market.

In recent years, the lithium battery industry in China maintained a robust development momentum, 2014 is expected to accelerate growth. Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry, the national development and Reform Commission jointly, said current subsidies for new energy vehicles will be delayed until 2015, the Chinese Government will continue to implement the subsidy policy. Policies promoting the spread of energy, but also for the lithium battery industry has brought new opportunities for development.

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