China's Rapid Growth In Demand For Lithium-ion Batteries

- Jan 11, 2016-

Lithium-ion battery industry as an important part of the new energy world Governments attached great importance to and vigorously support, with the 20th century development of microelectronics technology, miniaturized devices growing, consumers have a high demand for power, which entered a practical stage of large-scale lithium-ion batteries.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, laptops, power tools, electric bicycle, electric lighting, medical equipment and mobile communications base station, and other fields.

Recently, the Statistics May 2014 years ago China's economic operation of battery manufacturing show, national battery manufacturing enterprises above the designated size business income rose 4.8%, profit rose 27.1%, completed tax rose 13.8%.

It is understood that the Chinese battery manufacturing main products, output of lithium ion batteries in May of this year totaled 2 billion natural only, today rose 10.6%, profit rose 28.6%, completed tax rose 21.8%.

Last more than 10 years, the rapid growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries, with the development trend of consumer electronics to light, especially for new energy vehicles gradually entered the stage of industrialization, and maintained a rapid growth in demand for lithium batteries. Is expected in 2015, China's domestic mobile phone lithium battery will reach 1.2 billion, laptops use lithium-ion batteries will reach 2.6 billion, reached 110 million lithium-ion batteries used for electric bikes, pure lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to reach 2.9 billion.

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