Domestic Communication Storage Lithium Battery Market Competition

- Jan 11, 2016-

Domestic communication competitive lithium-ion batteries, the main customers are mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three operators.

Three operators purchasing communications most of the lithium-ion battery through open tendering, internal lithium-ion battery manufacturers in order to enter the supply chain, tendering and bid prices are generally lower. 2013 lithium iron phosphate battery pack with an average bid price of about 2.5/WH, and by 2014 has fallen to below 2/WH.

In 2014, Jiangxi and Hebei Mobile Mobile lithium iron phosphate battery tender, there are even 1.5/WH of tender price (current batteries cost around 1.8 Yuan/WH), as evidenced by intense price competition.

In the communications on the lithium-ion battery market, market share is a communications lead-acid battery supply background and communications equipment suppliers, such as zhongxing, Jiangsu shuangdeng, narada, haguangyu, Suzhou star identity.

Compared to the domestic, lithium in overseas communications competition is easing in the market at present, communications battery suppliers are mainly haguangyu, narada (300068.SZ), Panasonic, SAFT, and so on. 2013 haguangyu and narada have benefited from gains in overseas markets, particularly in India market, haguangyu gains India Telecom $ 70 million, while narada also benefited from India market, communications lithium battery business sales revenue of 210 million Yuan, in 2012, 379%.

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