EVS25 Set Tone For China's Battery

- Jan 07, 2012-

The advanced battery seminar introduced the current situation and future trend of battery development in several countries, such as, America, Japan, South Koran and China. It also held further discussions on the battery development, performance and its service condition all around the world.

  According to Mr. Fu Yuwu, Executive Vice President & Secretary-General of SAE-China, if the future automotive era belongs to electric vehicles, I must stress the core of EV will be the batteries.

  1. Set tone for China’s new energy battery development

  Xiao Chengwei, expert of new energy vehicles of 863 project in China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, said the national 12Th Five Year Plan showed great support for the battery module, which is driven by pure electric power.

  During his speech, Xiao introduced China has already formulated plans to develop the hybrid power, pure electric power or the new generation of pure electric power. Nevertheless, the new energy battery has made 3 different requests for those 3 aspects.

  According to him, China has asked for system mode in terms of hybrid power, made requests for the battery module and new Li-ion Battery and new system in terms of electric vehicles and new generation of pure electric vehicles. The hybrid power focuses on industrialization and the new generation of pure electric power, and China will have eyes on grabbing the commanding point of technology in the future.

  He also mentioned, during the 12th Five Year Plan, the state, especially the Ministry of Science and Technology of China will offer plenty of financial support for the battery’s safety technology, standard technology, comprehensive evaluation technology.

  2. Japan has formulated plans for lithium ion battery till 2030

  During the seminar, experts, from Japan, America and South Korea, have respectively introduced the new energy batteries’ developing situation and their schemes in their countries.

  According to Yukio Maruyama, Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, the budget of the Japan government is 130 million USD for the development of new energy batteries. As is known, all governments are motivating the R&D of batteries with great efforts. Actually the technology will make various products, involving many sectors, such as electronic batteries, medical industry, and social welfare. Even producing robots would probably need it.

  He also introduced the organization will complete two projects this year. One is the evolution project of R&D of battery materials; the other is encouraging and innovation project. The battery part has been planed till 2030.

  Lithium ion battery project has undergone 3 developing phases. The first phase is about the basic technology, which has already completed. But we still need more improvement to reach the above goals. As for the new generation technology project, it will have been completed by the end of 2030, including the study of possibilities of lithium ion battery, metal batteries and other various batteries. The research of battery basic factors is to study battery performances with one standard test.

  In addition, Hisashi, professor of Japan Tokyo University, introduced Japan’s battery developing scheme. According to him, the government has issued new energy policies and improved the development of EV in Japan as early as 2006. At the same time, Japan has also invited a great number of electric power companies, battery companies, and raw material industries to participate in the research and development.

  Japan has planed to strengthen battery performance by 2010, further to upgrade the batteries by 2015, and innovate a brand new battery by 2030.

  3. American government has propelled the development of lithium batteries with great efforts.

  Doctor James A. Barnes from United States Department of Energy mentioned during his speech, we believe there would be a huge market for the development of lithium batteries in the future.

  He said as well that compared with Japan, South Korea and China, there is a small-scale production of lithium batteries in America, which mainly used Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. The new type of battery has been recently used in the America, but not as much as the other 3 biggest maturing countries.

  American government has already known this trend and development, and found out there is a growing demand for batteries in the EV industry. We have passed a bill in year of 2009, which is also called economic stimulus bill. It stipulates that there are some special funds to support factories which have produced lithium batteries, definitely in the America. That money issupposed to support producing or buying batteries.

  4. Policy advice: focusing on supporting the development of 10 or 12 companies

  According to Chen Guangsen, CEO of China Sophisticated Energy Co., Ltd, besides safety, the biggest problem for new energy vehicles is the cost. Improving the production process and reducing labor cost are the only two factors for us to consider, because of the current materials. Therefore, it’s hard for us to reduce the cost based on the current situation and material systems. Reducing the cost will be realized finally only when there is a breakthrough in terms of materials.

  There are a great number of battery enterprises in China. I think only a few of them could make breakthrough in the batteries of EV. So the state should focus on supporting 10 or 12 enterprises until the development of the batteries is back on track.

  5. Battery companies competed for promoting their battery materials

  There are a great number of battery materials. During the seminar, several people in charge from different companies have made speeches illustrating their products features and performances. Meanwhile, they all showed great interest to certain material, and persuaded audiences to believe it would be a best choice. Song Lifa, chief scientist of Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd, said Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have so many advantages, such as, high safety, broad scope, enough power, long life-span and stable voltage.

  According to Dr.Yang Mike, chairman and general manager of Phoenix Silicon International Corporation, besides safety and the battery life which have mentioned before, I have to stress that lithium-iron batteries have the greatest potentials to reduce the cost to the minimum.

  During Global New Energy Vehicle Renovation and Development Forum on November7, Zhong Xinjia, chairman of the board, China Thunder Sky Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd, said that only rare earths lithium-sulphur battery could meet the demand of EV in the future.

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