Future Reusability – Implications For Lithium-Ion Laptop Batteries

- Apr 07, 2016-

A new study at the University at Buffalo reveals the future reusability of lithium-ion laptop batteries. The study monitored the performance of a set of around 500

used same-brand Li-ion laptop batteries over their entire lifecycle and linked the reusability with the previous consumer usage behavior and the battery degradation

process simultaneously.
The research team quantified the stability time of batteries; the interval that a battery works normally without any significant drop in performance. The Reusability

Likelihood of batteries is quantified using the number of cycles that the battery can be charged.
Product reuse is a recommended action toward sustainability. However, the profitable reusability of EoU or end-of-life (EoL) products depends on how consumers have

used them over the initial lifecycles and what are their EoU conditions.
In addition to consumers’ behavior, product design features such as product durability has an impact on the future reusability. Li-ion batteries are popular due to

their energy efficiency and less common technical defects. Therefore, understanding the lifetime of these batteries and improving the recycling process is becoming

The authors point out that although the discussion on product reusability is not something new, the research on analyzing consumers’ behavior during previous

lifecycles and its impact on the actual reusability of multi-lifecycle products is very limited. To overcome this gap, this new study aimed at assessing the future

reusability of products through investigation of the actual product usage over previous lifecycles and the product degradation process.
The lead author on the study was Dr Sara Behdad, Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Industrial &

Systems Engineering).

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