LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery Pack 12.8V 33ah

- May 24, 2016-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: LP0128-330K-F

  • Connection Mode: Series and Parallel

  • Discharge Rate: Low Discharge Rate

  • Rated Capacity: >1000MAH

  • Battery Type: LiFePO4 Battery

  • Packae: Antistatic Bag /White Box and Standard Export Cart

  • Specification: CE

  • Type: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Size: Medium

  • Standard Voltage: >12V

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Trademark: QUAWIN

  • Origin: China

Product Description

lifepo4 Rechargeable battery pack 12.8v 33ah 

Product name12.8V 33000mAh lifepo4
battery pack
Matching PCM-L04S12-406
Cell assembled mode3.2V/11000mAh
Norm voltage12.8V
Max charge voltage14.4V
Storage conditionsTemperature: -20~60 deg. C
Humidity:  10%
Over charge detection voltage3.9V/cell
Over discharge detection voltage2.0V/cell
Over current protectionAccording to customer requests
Max continuous charge current15A
Max continuous discharge current15A
Cycle life2000times


High energy density 

potential for yet higher capacities.  

Relatively low self-discharge 

Self-discharge is less than half that of nickel-based batteries.  

Low Maintenance 

No periodic discharge is needed; there is no memory.  

Very low profile 

Batteries resembling the profile of a credit card are feasible. 

Flexible form factor 

 Manufacturers are not bound by standard cell formats. With high volume, any reasonable size can be produced economically


Gelled electrolytes enable simplified packaging by eliminating the metal shell. 

 Improved safety 

More resistant to overcharge; less chance for electrolyte leakage. 


Lithium ion provide long lasting energy for portable equipment and other devices such as:

1. Portable equipment: Laptop, camcorder, PDA, Digital camera, portable DVD etc.

2. Home appliances: Two-way radio, Walkie-talkie, Electric toys, Electric bicycles, Emergency   lighting

3. Military equipment: IR telescope

4.Telephone switchboard, electric equipments, power instruments and meters

5.Uninterrupted power source (UPS) for computer, Emergency Application, Medical devices

6.Power transmission and transformer station, switch-control, and accident lighting

7.Fire fighting, safety device, and alarm monitoring

8.Automatic office system

9.Radio communication system

10.Emergency lighting and car/ship starting system

11.Portable electric appliances and mining system

12.Traffic and navigation signal lamp

13.Solar Energy: Solar Street lights, Solar Led Lights



1. Use at temperature below 40C,charge fully prior to long storage periods or if it has been stored for more than three months

2. If you find any single battery voltage is under 2V at room temperature,the battery has been over-discharged or is self-discharging due to some defect/parasitic load. Discontinue use until the fault can be corrected and the battery be recharged

3. Store in an open,well ventilated,dry,clean area, between -20C to 40C for maximum life. self-discharge will accelerated at higher temperature

4. Don't expose the battery to extremes of temperature over 60C,directly to sources of heat, direct sunlight or moisture and/or rain

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