Lithium Battery Bicycles Will Usher In Explosive Growth

- Nov 07, 2013-

In 2013, the world's largest manufacturing base in Tianjin, bicycle output reached 40.049 million units, including high-profile cycling (more than 1000) product 45.3% over the 2012; bicycle export 21.104 million vehicles, creating bicycle exports record electric bicycle production to 16.46 million vehicles, including lithium-ion battery electric vehicle production reached 1.06 million vehicles in 2012, real increase of 388,000 vehicles, an increase of up to 57.7%. The market bellwether, also shows that the lithium battery bicycle after a market test, began to gradually recognized by consumers, and markets on a fast, toward a path of healthy development.

"Original" lead-acid electric bicycle, lithium battery bicycle represents the future, because it is environmental protection and efficient energy-saving. But compared with the more than 30 million electric bicycles a year, pitifully small share of lithium battery bicycles, not to 1%. Judging from the figures, as long as lithium bike of the future can solve the problem the battery quality, life issues, production costs and mileage problems, will usher in the explosive development. This poses higher demand for lithium-ion battery manufacturer, in order to take the rocket pace battery manufacturers should speed up technological innovation, the sooner to solve these problems, greater development space.

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