Lithium-ion Batteries Will Continue To Expand The Scale

- Mar 12, 2015-

In recent years, the rapid growth in output of lithium-ion batteries. In 2011, the lithium-ion battery output in China reached 2.966 billion (natural only), an increase of 10.4%. In 2012, the lithium-ion battery output in China reached 4.178 billion, an increase of 40.86%. In 2013, the lithium-ion battery industry (including the lithium-ion batteries, equipment, materials) continues to expand the scale and global market share increase steadily.

It is understood that the past 10 years, maintained an average annual growth rate of 26% the global lithium-ion battery industry, new areas of application in the future will provide wide space for application of lithium-ion batteries. Meanwhile, new materials technology of lead battery industry development direction in the future.

It is expected that lithium-ion battery market demand in the next 5 years will compound annual growth rate of close to 50% high growth by 2018, when global demand will exceed 385 million-kilowatt, is 7 times more than 2013, overtook the lead-acid batteries as the largest amount of secondary battery products.

So, what accounts for the rapid development of the lithium battery industry? Industry experts believe that first localization of four key materials for lithium-ion batteries has improved continuously. Anode and cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, electrolytes, film production has improved. Secondly, the downstream market growth, local government support and the electric-vehicle speed and other factors, stimulate production enterprises to invest in expansion of lithium ion battery, driving growth in demand for lithium-ion battery production equipment. Again, is a communications base stations, photovoltaic, wind and other emerging energy storage market in 2013, storage-type lithium-ion battery market scale surged to 2 billion yuan, an increase of 43%.

Lithium-ion battery costs will decline in the future, mainly lies in the improvement of yield, as well as the automation of the human cost. These will drive the market for lithium-ion battery further forward.

Although some companies may be out of the lithium-ion technology, but also no lack of BYD, Lishen, bak and other enterprises and as followers of the lithium-ion battery technology to be involved, and the speed of progress is often associated with the number of participants is.

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